Airbnb – How to install the iCal from Xotelia

Why shall we use the iCal from Xotelia on Airbnb?

The iCal link will assure that your calendar on Airbnb is updated at least once per hour.

  1. On Xotelia, open the room you want and click on the Sales channels tab.
  2. Copy one of the iCal links 
  3. Log onto Airbnb
  4. Open the calendar of the listing to update
  5. Click on Availability settings / Synch calendars / Import Calendar (if you have the new Airbnb layout, please check further down the tutorial)


  1. Paste the iCal link, give it a name and click on Import.



 Whenever Xotelia would not be able to update instantly your calendar on Airbnb, the availability would be updated within 60 minutes by Airbnb itself.

Please keep in mind that the iCal update doesn’t carry prices. So if Xotelia fails to update your calendar, prices won’t be updated, as with any other channel manager.

This is a temporary measure aiming to keep a certain level of service while waiting for the launch of the new certified Airbnb connection via their API, under conditions of eligibility.



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