TripConnect from TripAvisor - How to synchronise

Here is how to proceed, step by step, if you want to synchronise your TripAdvisor account through thr TripConnect Instant Booking connection:

 NB: the Instant Booking will only be available for customers booking from English speaking countries (USA, Canada, UK, South Africa, Singapore..)

1. Ask Xotelia's support department to add TripConnect on your listings.


2. In order to connect a product from Xotelia To TripConnect, you need to set up the base tab of the booking engine on Xotelia (Booking Space Configuration).

The fields in red are mandatory.

Then you need to set up the product (room) in the languages you want.

Then we focus on the settings of your product. Here what matters is the maximum number of persons in the room. It will correspond to the rate plan that will be sent to TripConnect.
Only one rate can be synchronised.


Now that the product is set up, you need to set up the texts, inside the connection:

You need to complete all the text fields, including the TripAdvisor Account Number.
The terms and conditions need to be done in English as English is the only language currently supported by TripConnect.


Once all is set, please ask Xotelia SUPPORT to activate the connection.


After 24 hours, you will then need to go to TripAdvisor, by clicking on the link below:

and proceed with the confirmation of the connection.


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