Expedia.com: How to prepare the connection

  • Type of connection provided between Xotelia and Expedia.com: 2-way connection
           What you will be able to manage from Xotelia : Availabilities, Rates, Min Stay, Max Stay, Checkin, Checkout, booking retrieval.
  • How will the payment of your guests be processed : May vary (min. 15%), please check with Expedia.com
  • Other elements you need to be aware of : when relevant, please check your model (per room or per occupancy on Expedia?)
I. Activating the channel manager request on Expedia

Please log onto your ExpediaPartnerCentral.com account.

Open Rooms and Rates and Inventory

and click on Expedia Connectivity Settings.


Search Xotelia in the list and tick both boxes (Avaibility and Booking retrieval)


You will then receive an email from Expedia with three important elements: 
Hotel ID
EQC Login
EQC Password


II. Prepare Xotelia with the details of the connection

On Xotelia, enter each room, click on the Sales channels tab and edit the connection Expedia.

Fill as many details as possible, including the hotel ID, the EQC login and password.

Optional: If you are confortable with the setup, you can edit the connection again, and use the webservice tab in order to call the room IDs.

Repeat with your the other rooms.

Once done, send an email to Xotelia's support team to confirm that your calendars are up to date and that we can proceed with the synhronization. Please send us a detailed email with the names of the rooms both on Xotelia and on Expedia. Most of the time, the room names are different. You can also enter these names inside the connection template in place of the room ID.
Keep updating Expedia until confirmation from Xotelia that the connection is fully operational.


Reminder: all existing reservations have to be manually entered on Xotelia. None of them will be retrieved.



If you want to deactivate, please do the same and let Xotelia know so both sides are suspended.

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