Holiday Lettings: How to prepare the connection

  • Type of connection provided between Xotelia and 1-way connection

               > What you will be able to manage from Xotelia : Availabilities, Rates, min stay.

  • How will the payment of your guests be processed : The guest pays to Holiday Lettings.

  • Please note that we don't have the connection yet with Flipkey.

In order to get access, we need you to send us via email your TripAdvisor Account ID.
Xotelia will ask permission to update your account on TripAdvisor.


You can already provide us with the reference number that you will find next to each listing on their website. Make sure to give us the correspondance between the names on Xotelia and the listings IDs found on Holiday Lettings.

You can enter these details inside each accommodation on Xotelia in order to prepare the connection.



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