Airbnb: How to prepare Xotelia for the synchronisation

  • Type of connection provided between Xotelia and 2-way connection
               > What you will be able to manage from Xotelia : Availabilities, booking retrieval.

On Xotelia, go inside each relevant accommodation.
Then go to Sales channels   

Click on Edit

Then complete the relevant fields (login...).

The URL of the Airbnb's iCal can be found on their platform.


In order to find it, there are two different Airbnb layouts in place. Please check what part of the tutorial applies to your case:



1. Please log onto Airbnb, open the relevant listing, go to the calendar menu
2. On the right-hand side of the page, click on Availability settings, then Synch Calendars and then Export Calendar
3. Copy the link provided by Airbnb.

4. Go back to Xotelia, inside the same listing, open the Sale Channels Tab. Edit Airbnb's connection.
5. Paste Airbnb's iCal inside the iCal field and Save.

All existing reservations from Airbnb will be retrieve in the following 10 minutes (if the connection is active). And any new reservation will be retrieved by Xotelia based on a loop of 10 minutes.


6. Then you need to install Xotelia's iCal on Airbnb, more or less the same way. On Airbnb click on Import calendar and paste the URL that you will find on Xotelia at the top of the Sales Channels tab.

  (full tutorial here)

Once saved, please repeat with the other accommodations on Xotelia and then let Xotelia Support team know that the connection is ready and can be activated.
Keep updating until confirmation.



In the menu select 

In front of the listing you want to manage, select 

Go to availability 

At the bottom of the page select import calendar to import Xotelia’s iCalendar

Or Export Calendar to copy Airbnb’s Icalendar and paste it on Xotelia

The rest of the steps are mentionned in the previous part of the tutorial.

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