Agoda - How to ask for the synchronisation

  • Type of connection provided between Xotelia and 2-way connection
               > What you will be able to manage from Xotelia : Availabilities, Rates, Min Stay, Max Stay, Checkin, Checkout, booking retrieval.
  • Other elements you need to be aware of : They only manager rates for 1 / 2 and full room.


The first is to get in touch with your account manager at Agoda and ask him to add Xotelia as your channel manager.


Once done, open both Agoda and Xotelia.

On Xotelia, go inside each relevant accommodation.
Then go to Sales channels

Click on Edit

You will enter Hotel ID and Room ID that you will find on Agoda:


Once done, please let us know by sending a message to the support team so we can finalize the connection for you.
Keep updating Agoda and Xotelia until confirmation from our end.


If you have any doubt concerning the setup of Agoda, please check their help board:


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