iCal: How do I sync my HomeAway calendar via iCal?

There is one possibility right now to keep your calendars updated on most of the Homeaway websites: the iCal.

This iCal is available at the top of the Sales Channels tab inside each of your rooms on Xotelia.

The iCal is not instant, Homeaway seems to refresh it every hour.

The iCal doesn't update your prices, so you will have to do it manually.

The iCal doesn't retrieve bookings, so you will have to enter them manually on Xotelia.


What is iCalendar? iCalendar is a file format that allows users to create and share electronic calendars. The iCalendar format is supported by many companies and programs.

Syncing your HomeAway calendar On HomeAway, you can import calendars from other websites that support the iCal format, including Google or Airbnb. This feature enables you to have a single-calendar view for all your reservations, seasonal events, holidays and more. This will help you prevent a double booking, and enable you to see opportunities to increase your rates to make more money.

Import external calendar
Log in to your account.
Click Calendar.
Select the correct property.
Click the Import/Export Calendar icon.
Click Import Calendar. Give the calendar a name.
Select a color to represent the calendar.
Enter the calendar URL.
Select whether the calendar will block availability.
Click Import Calendar.

Currently, you can only import five additional calendars. The calendar is updated every hour.


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