How to prepare the connection

Ready to join Find below some key information to know:
  • Commission rate applied : may vary (15-17%)
  • Type of connection provided between Xotelia and 2-way connection
               > What you will be able to manage from Xotelia : Availabilities, Rates, Min Stay, Max Stay, Checkin, Checkout, booking retrieval.
  • How will the payment of your guests be processed : May vary, please check with


In order to ask for the channel manager connectivity, please do the following:
- Log onto extranet.
Click on ACCOUNT and then Channel manager
Type in the field Xotelia as your channel manager
Validate the two-way connection and accept the terms and conditions
Then go back to Xotelia and update the Sales Channels part of each accommodation.
Enter the unit
Go to Sales Channels
Please enter the hotel ID (you usually use it to log onto and the room ID or name of the room as you see it on
Let us know by sending an email to Support and keep updating until you receive our confirmation.
After activation, your extranet on will be on read-only.
Every update will have to be done on Xotelia.Of course, the day you would like to stop the conneciton, it will be possible.
To deactivate the connection, proceed the same way and click on Deactivate.
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