Notify and Notify again - how to send an automated confirmation to a guest

What is it:

You may have noticed the functionality "notify' on Xotelia. It is a way for you to send an automated confirmation of a reservation on the system. It's particularly useful when you register a reservation over the phone, and you want your guest to have a confirmation of what you did.

First considerations, keep in mind that :
- if the guest booked through an online agency, he already received a confirmation of the agency.
- if the guest booked through our booking engine, he already received a confirmation from Xotelia.


How it works:
The reservation needs to include a name and an email address. If one or the other is missing, then the option won't be available.

You can use the notify button "outside" of the reservations 

or use the notify inside the reservation (and save) 


The guest will received a formated email including the terms and conditions and additional information entered inside the configuration of the booking engine. Also will be included the "public comment" of the reservation.


Notify again offers you the possibility to send the email one more time, knowing that you already sent it to the guest previously.

NB: the private comment is never sent to the guest.

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