How to import your existing bookings

On your Xotelia account, please click on Import Bookings


Download the Excel template

Note that all the columns in BOLD are mandatory.

On the spreadsheet, choose from which website came the reservation. By clicking inside the cell, you will get a menu.
Choose which bedroom has been booked.
If you have a booking reference, you can add it (optional).
The quantity is generally 1. But sometimes, if you have an account with several bedrooms of a same category, maybe someone booked 2 or more bedrooms of the same room type. Inform the quantity booked every time.
Inform dates of Arrival and Departure.
Enter a name to your guest.
If you inform the price, don’t forget to pick a currency as well. (Rate is optional)
  You can now import your file, with all your bookings. The system will tell you if some details need to be fixed on the spreadsheet before completion.


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