Rates per occupancy

Two options to get rate per occupancy:

- Get the cost of your extra persons calculated by Xotelia
Tell us the minimum occupancy, the maximum occupancy and the cost of the extra person.

In this example, min occupancy is 2, max occupancty is 4, cost of the extra person is 15.

You will update the rates on the lower occupancy and Xotelia will automate the calculation of the other occupancies.


- Get a rate plan per occupancy

The two reasons why you would this instead of the automation:

a) you don't open certain occupancies at certain period of the year (be careful with channels such as Expedia or Budgetplaces that must receive all occupancies at all time).

b) you change the cost of the extra person through the year.

If you need that model, please let us know by email, detailing the specifications of each room.

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