Direct sales vs online agencies: how to set different availabilities

This is the most common setup that you will find on Xotelia.



A master availability plan with the direct sales, and a partial availability plan for the online agencies.

This model allows you to:

- close the agencies and remain open for direct bookings (Fri 3rd, Sat 04)

- set a lower quantity for the agencies (Wed 01st, Thu 2nd)
Please note that the partial quantity will never be higher than the global one.


On demand, we can set :

- a simpler version of the account with one unique plan. If you are open, everyone is open.

- a more complex configuration with availability plans per agency.

An availability plan per OTA is not something we recommend. You can reach certain behavior without having to split all the plans.

In both cases, you will need to contact us explaing what you are trying to do.

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