Allotment / contracted rooms with an online agency

A contracted room (or allotment) is a room that you agreed to give to an online agency.

The first consequence is that you are not supposed to sell yourself that room any more because it doesn't belong to you. It's reserved for the OTA.

Xotelia will not be able to close a contracted room, no matter how you close the availability on the channel manager. OTAs will reject the updates and realocate the minimum allocated.


Xotelia can manage your contracted rooms with a dedicated availability plan.


Ex: If you know you have "1" room allocated to, you will need to define "1" on the restrictive availability plan.

In that particular example, on Wed 1st, we have the following:

- 1 room is contracted by so: 

  • 4 rooms are open for direct reservations (5 rooms - 1 contracted = 4 rooms available)
  • 1 out of 5 rooms can be sold through Airbnb
  • 2 out of 5 rooms can be sold through


- Friday 03rd, we have an issue:

  • no reservations have been made yet
  • the quantity is blocked (set to 0) on the partial plan
  • that model doesn't respect the allotment, so even if you closed the room on Xotelia, it will still be available on

Even if you call them to block the room, any update sent by Xotelia will have as a consequence to reopen the room, because the agency will not accept the closure even if it was previsously closed by themselves.


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