Splendia: How to prepare the connection

  • Type of connection provided between Xotelia and Splendia.com: 2-way connection

               > What you will be able to manage from Xotelia : Availabilities, Rates, Min Stay, booking retrieval.



Go to your Splendia account and get the hotel ID

Then edit the property 

Then click on Inventory and then Connectivity.

Define a login and password for your channel manager if these fields are empty.

Now that you have hotel ID, login and password for the channel manager, go to Xotelia.



Open the relevant rooms, click on Sales channels and edit the connection Splendia.

Enter Hotel ID, login and password for the channel manager.


If you are confortable with setting up connections, you can edit the connection again, and click on Webservice in order to retrieve the ROOM ID.


Then please send an email to the support team at Xotelia in order to confirm that the elements of the connection are ready.

Keep updating Splendia until Xotelia confirms that the synchronisation is fully operational.

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