How to enter my bookings

alert, attention, caution, danger, error, exclamation, warning icon Before synchronising any online agency, you need to block the dates that are already booked, on Xotelia.

In order to do so, there are two options:

- lowering the availbility

- entering proper reservations


1. Lowering the availability

You can enter the room, and update the quantity of rooms available accross the board and click on Save.

It's a fast way to update, but the down side is you have no information on the closure. You don't know when it has been done and for what reason.


2. Entering proper reservations

Click on Create a booking 

Select the dates by clicking first on the arrival date and then a second time on the departure date.

By default, the reservation will be a manual reservation, but you can define something else using the menu

Then click on Search

Pick the quantity of rooms you need and click on Save the booking

You can then modify the content of the reservation by clicking on the blue button






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