How to update my rates

First, enter inside the room on Xotelia, either by clicking on its name, or going through the menu "Product"


Once inside the room, on the Rates tab, two options are available:

- ponctual updates :

You can directly change the price inside the cells and click on SAVE


- updates on longer periods :

1. Select the days of the week

2. Select the rate plan(s) to update

3. Click on Modify the rate

4. Select the dates (keep in mind that the last day of the update is not included)

5. Enter the price

6. Click on Update now


If you would like to update the minimum stay at the same time, please tick the box Min stay and enter the value underneath the price.

You can also update the minimum stay without modifying the prices already in place. In that case, select the option "Keep the rate in place"

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